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So , after a very very long gap of almost 9 months, I am back to what I love and that is writing about stuff that matters to me. Initially it was laziness and later work piled up and then I got caught in some kind of storm if I say, from where it was difficult to get out of. After A Dream Last Night got over, I came to my senses and realized this must be done as writing became an important part of my life couple of years back. As I am a movie junkie and love to explore different genres, today I bring to you some of the OTT content which I came across recently and which will be surely worth your time. Also please trust my writing and refrain from watching any of these trailers, just go with the flow. Enjoy…!

New York (Hindi) — Movie,2009

This movie was on my bucket list for a while as I saw a short clip of this on FB few days back where I was very much impressed with John Abraham’s acting. The plot revolves around three friends John Abraham, Neil Nitin Mukesh and Katrina Kaif and how there lives are turned upside down after the 9/11 incident in New York. The movie focuses on the detention of many Muslims across the country on account of suspicion in terrorist activities after the incident took place. It is a well paced movie where all the aspects are covered and nothing seems over the line. It is a must watch for you if you are looking for something raw and want a reality check. This movie has a runtime of 151 minutes which you can watch on Amazon Prime, will rate it 3.5 ♥ out of 5.

The Raikar Case (Hindi) — Web Series,2020

The above mentioned is the only pick from the past as it was on my bucket list, the rest of the content is fresh and right out of the oven. So The Raikar Case deals with a suicide in a family (at first) but which later turns into a murder mystery. A boy falls from a hill top before calling her sister 12 times and the reason for this call is unknown (which you will eventually find out). The cherry on the cake is that, each member of the family was present at that hill top at one point or the other and they each have a story. Each member have their version of that night and it is up to the audiences to guess and find who is the real killer. The show has various storylines involved which will keep the audiences on the edge of their seats, so if you are a fan of murder mysteries then this is definitely for you. 3.75 ♥ for this series. It has 7 episodes and each episode will be having a time span of ~30 minutes.

JL50 (Hindi) — Web Series,2020

One of the most unique and daring project which I came across was the JL50 web series which comprises of just 4 episodes with each episode is around 30–40 minutes range. It has a great star cast of Pankaj Kapur, Piyush Mishra, Abhay Deol and Rajesh Sharma where everybody brought justice to their roles. It is a story about a plane crash whose investigation is handed over to CBI (Abhay Deol and Rejesh Sharma) as it had few important people but the twist is that the plane which crashed actually took off from Calcutta in 1984. So by going with this logic, it means that the plane vanished at that time and appeared now after 35 years and crashed. What follows is series of events and investigations which will try to prove/disprove this theory of plane vanishing for 35 years and now appearing all of a sudden. Could this be a plot to distract them from something big that is about to happen or is this an actual case of time travel where that plane was in some other reality and now it entered its original path. Watch this thrilling series to find out, will rate this 4 ♥ for the plot, actors and great direction.

Candy (Hindi) — Web Series,2021

A series with Ronit Roy is a must watch for everyone as he is one of the most versatile actor present today. Candy is another murder mystery with a pinch of supernatural aura in it. A school boy is murdered in a dense forest in a brutal manner and MASAN, a forest demon is blamed for that. One more major component in this series is Candy, a “chocolate” which is consumed by most of the school children which is more than just a chocolate. As the series goes on, it will connect the MASAN and Candy and how this story unravels is a joy to watch. It has 8 episodes with each episode running for around 35–44 minutes. If you like supernatural stuff and want to explore a murder mystery, this one is for you. 4.25 ♥, extra ♥ for the great ending which was not something I was at least expecting.

Kota Factory Season 2 (Hindi) — Web Series, 2021

The much awaited, super hyped season 2 of Kota Factory arrived on 24th Sep 2021 at 12:30pm and we were done with it by 4pm. It has 5 episodes with each episode ranging from 31–44 minutes. Like the previous season, the show focused on the life of students preparing for JEE in Kota and various challenges which they encounter. One more major storyline involved here was the setup and difficulties Jitu Bhaiya encounter for his own educational institution. As usual, life lessons by Jitu Bhaiya were spot on, messages delivered through this series were inspiring and above all each episode had something new to offer. This season only showed another year for Vaibhav in Kota as he is still in 12th, so he is yet to appear for JEE, mostly in next season we will come to know his whether he is an IIT material or not..! The series was promising, but honestly I was expecting something more. 4.5 ♥ for the great work by TVF.

I am thinking of ending things (English) — Movie, 2020

First thing about this — This is not everyone’s cup of tea..! I have a craze of watching confusing and thrilling movies which keep you guessing till the last moment and movies which will make you to watch them again and this is no different. This psychological thriller is directed by Charlie Kaufman who has also directed Being John Malkovich, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Synecdoche,New York all of which will exercise your mind. So, I’m thinking of ending things is a story about a girl who is visiting her boyfriend’s parents at their farm for a night. This movie has long conversations, stories, discussions which might bore you at first, but these all are necessary for the final act of the movie. A lot of weird and eyebrow-raising stuff will happen in movie which would want you to finish this movie as soon as possible as you want to know where all this is heading. The end of the movie is something which people still talk about, I had to go through lot of articles and explanations to understand the meaning of closing moments of this beautiful movie. 4.75 ♥ for this exceptional piece of work. If you want to be baffled and confused, go ahead with this one.

#HOME (Malyalam) — Movie, 2021

Thanks Sharath for suggesting me this amazing and heart touching story which is a must watch for everyone during this COVID time. Just a fact, this movie has an IMDB rating of 9.1 with over 9000 votes. So it’s not only me or Sharath suggesting you this movie, this is a proof that this is a classic family movie which will definitely make you shed a tear or two (definitely more than that). This movie is basically about a dad trying to understand these new applications which has taken over the world like FB, Instagram, WhatsApp etc. (technology in general) to bond with his two sons. You will actually relate to the protagonist and feel for him as he goes through these highs and lows during his journey. It also has a backstory which will be revealed at the very end, which was the perfect end anyone could have asked for. For me language was never the barrier to watch any content and same should be the case with you as you must not miss this at any cost. 5 ♥ for this family/inspiring movie which you should see along with your family.

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