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Ashish Sharma
7 min readApr 4, 2022


Wrestlemania night 2 is here…!

RK Bro Vs Street Profits Vs Alpha Academy for RAW Tag Team Championship

This was an exciting way to start the WrestleMania Night 2 as multiperson matches are always fun to watch. Most of the people were expecting RK-Bro to drop the titles to Street Profits and Randy turn on Riddle but we have to keep waiting for that. The match was fast paced with great spots which made the crowd go “This is Awesome”. The crowd went insane as soon as Randy was tagged in and it was lovely to watch. Randy and Riddle delivering double mid rope DDT to Street Profits was beautifully executed. The highlight of the match was during the closing moments when Riddle delivered RKO to Montez from top of the turnbuckle and Randy delivering RKO to Chad Gable mid to retain their titles. Post match, Street Profits invited Steve Gableson to the ring to celebrate which was interrupted by Chad Gable. Gableson delivered a slam to Chad Gable and then celebrated with Street Profits and RK Bro. 3 ♥ for this opening bout.

Bobby Lashley Vs Omos

Omos had the undefeated streak and Lashley was coming back from the injury, so WWE could have gone either way with this match but they did the right thing by breaking the streak. Omos dominated Lashley like he is a cruiserweight and I have never seen anyone do that to Lashley. If Lashley would have delivered the stalling suplex, that would have been the craziest thing I would have ever watched but Lashley dropped Omos with a suplex which was also crazy enough as that was never done before. Lashley delivered couple of spears and finished Omos’s winning streak. Big Guy Vs Small Guy matches are always tricky to execute but this was done perfectly. 3 ♥ for this…maybe more spots could have been better but still it was a good match.

Sami Zayn Vs Johnny Knoxville in Anything Goes Match

Everybody knew this match would be crazy as it could involve anything…literally anything and that’s what happened..! Fire Extinguisher, Stop Sign, Steel Tray, Trash Can, Table with Mouse Traps and what not. Knoxville took a suplex on table which was smooth. It was the whole Jackass team against the Sami which was funny to watch. First the party boy and then the wee man entered the match. Wee Man delivered a scoop slam to Sami which was followed with a tornado DDT from the top of the turnbuckle by Johnny. Johnny even used a bowling ball while Sami was down in the corner which was hilarious. Other major props were the big mouse trap, the big hand, the leg to groin and taser. Hats off to Sami for taking that huge bump on outside table with mouse traps, it takes guts to trust someone with a spot from such a height. Johnny’s big mouse trap malfunctioned but still he managed to make it work which was good to see and he pinned Sami for the victory. It was a fun match with great spots, thanks to both Sami and Johnny and all the Jackass team. 4 ♥ for this entertainer.

Fatal 4 Way Women’s Tag Team Championship Match

Finally a women’s tag team championship match worth watching as everybody involved gave it all. The last time these titles had relevancy was when Sasha and Bayley were tag champs and since now Sasha and Naomi are champions, hoping for good things going forward. The match was fast, had good spots, quick covers and nice saves. All the teams were looking confident enough to win the titles as there were many close calls. A lot of double teams were also seen which is a rare scenario in case of women’s tag matches. Sasha and Naomi also picked the victory with a double team move which was a combination of Rear View and Back Breaker. Hoping for more Women’s tag team title defenses and giving more importance to these championships. 3.5 ♥ for this one…!

AJ Styles Vs Edge

Definitely the match of the night…! A good rivalry is the one which gives a satisfying conclusion but a great rivalry is the one which gives birth to an another story. This match had everything from great spots to the storyline to the audience engagement and it delivered to its full capacity. Edge targeted Styles’s left shoulder throughout the match and came out as a perfect heel. Hats off to Edge for taking that suplex on the apron as those are the hardest part of the ring. Edge was moving seamlessly in the ring and it was good to see that, even the moves were clean which are good signs for the Rated R Superstar. The closing moments of the match saw Damien Priest standing outside while AJ was going for “Phenomenal Forearm”, because of the distraction Edge delivered a gruesome spear to AJ in mid-air and picked up the victory. It seems we have a new stable with Edge and Priest and honestly it is the best move. It will help both Edge and Priest as Edge can’t wrestle every week but still he will be connecting with the audience and it can help Priest more on his character’s development. I can see Priest soon becoming the US champion once again under Edge. 4.5 ♥ for this phenomenal match.

New Day Vs Sheamus & Ridge Holland

Both Kofi and Xavier came dressed in Big E’s gear which was amazing to watch but sadly the match wasn’t. There was absolutely no need of this match at this stage following the epic battle between Edge and AJ Styles. Also the match had nothing to offer and a complete disrespect to 11 time tag team champions as they lost with a distraction and a Brogue kick on the grandest stage of all. 1 ♥ for this filler but honestly there was no need for this, they could have added Ricochet's Intercontinental Title defense here instead of that, would have made more sense.

Pat McAfee Vs Austin Theory

I had high hopes from Pat as I have seen what this guy can do as he fought Adam Cole in NXT last year and it is safe to say all the celebrity matches (Logan Paul, Johnny Knoxville and Pat McAfee) this year delivered it all…! Pat’s standing Hurricanrana and Swanton Bomb was out of nowhere and both were amazingly executed. He even did commentary and fought the match at same time…this guy can do literally anything. Pat did a moonsault and landed on his feet and then jumped to the top of turnbuckle and delivered a suplex from top of turnbuckle, moves like this only Seth can deliver with perfection but Pat did it and again impressed all. Pat defeated Austin with a rollup victory but that makes sense as Austin can’t take a defeat just like that, a perfect match with perfect finish. Then we get an impromptu Vince Vs Pat match where Vince defeats Pat with assist from Austin. As they are celebrating here comes the Rattlesnake Stone Cold Steve Austin and delivers stunner to Austin then Vince and then Pat. Stone Cold with another WrestleMania moment and crowd just loved it as always…! 5 ♥ for this whole match and segment.

Roman Reigns Vs Brock Lesnar in a Championship Unification Match

In one word…disappointed…! This was called the biggest match of all time and the match was provided less time than 15 minutes…even their entrances took more time than that. Also this 15 minutes were just full of suplexes, spears and superman punches. While referee was down, Roman went low and then hit Brock with the title but that was not enough to keep the WWE champion down. During the closing moments of the match, Roman’s shoulder was injured due to Kimura lock (not sure if it is a real injury or a work), but still he was able to reverse F5 and deliver a spear for the victory. It was the correct decision to make Roman the winner but the execution was poorly executed. Not for a single second it felt like the biggest WrestleMania match of all time. 3 ♥ for the main event.

Other than the main event, according to me all the matches delivered and WWE have put the PPV of the year. Thanks WWE for such stupendous nights..! Thank you for reading, if you liked the article please click on the clap button and show your support. You can clap more than once, just keep pressing the icon!!!



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