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Ashish Sharma
7 min readApr 3, 2022


Finally, one of the two most stupendous night of the year is here and hats off to WWE for creating that atmosphere as it was really wonderful. Also this year’s WrestleMania set was one of the best sets which I have ever seen in a while. Here is my short and crisp review of the same :

The USOS Vs Shinsuke Nakamura and Boogs for SmackDown Tag Team Championship

Shinsuke’s entrance was just lit as the crowd was into it and as usual Pat McAfee was the cherry on the top. Honestly, I was not expecting much from this match and thanks to WWE nothing much happened either. There was no build-up for this rivalry which is a shame as these four superstars are top notch guys who can put up a hell of a show. It was a typical SmackDown tag team match which is definitely not the way to start WrestleMania. Boogs was eliminated from the match due to his knee injury and soon after that Nakamura was brought down by USOS with 1-D. 2 ♥ for this starter.

Drew McIntyre Vs Happy Corbin

WWE could have started the show with this rivalry as crowd was hot on Corbin due to his comments made on Drew’s mother and it would have made sense. This match had the story, it had the build-up…still it was one of those matches which we had already seen and hence until they put on a banger it was nothing much to offer there. Drew flying through the air with his size is always a joy to watch and this was no different. The crowd was behind Drew the whole match and cheered whatever he did. The most protected finisher in WWE, “End of Days” was not able to finish Drew which was amazing to watch as everyone in crowd thought match was over there. Drew won the match after delivering Future Shock DDT followed with Claymore and made his mother proud once again..! Post match, Drew cut the ring in half in an attempt to attack Madcap Moss…typical WWE but effective every time. 3 ♥ for this match and WWE please end this rivalry and let Drew focus on Universal Championship and let Corbin go after Intercontinental or tag titles.

Rey and Dominik Vs Miz and Logan Paul

The Mysterios entrance was an old school Rey Mysterio classic entrance which took me back to my childhood days. Only WWE can do this every time they have a celebrity match that they can make the celebrity look better than most of the WWE superstars. Logan Paul was just amazing, whether it be the moves, double team or the heel antics…he was on top of everything. Crowd was already behind Rey and the moment he tried “3 amigos” the roof just went off. Crowd booed the hell out of Logan Paul when he performed “3 amigos” followed by frog splash. Miz blindly tagged himself and hit Rey with “Skull Crushing Finale” after both Logan and Dominik were out of match and sneaked the perfect victory. Post match Miz hit SKF on Logan Paul which was bit confusing as they just won…maybe Miz vs Logan Paul? I would love to watch that as Logan Paul was good here and it would be fun to watch him in a singles match now. 3.5 ♥ for this great tag match.

Becky Lynch Vs Bianca Belair for RAW Women’s Championship

This was the first serious rivalry of the night which had me fully invested as the build was perfect and both were high performing athletes. Both Bianca and Becky’s entrances were Wrestlemania worthy and it clearly showed WWE’s faith in them which was a bright sign for female wrestlers. Many complained with Bianca getting the main event limelight for 2 years in a row but she has fought hard for it and according to me it was a well deserved title shot at Mania. The match started in 5th gear as both went after each other the moment bell was rung. This match had everything from close calls to great spots and everything was very well executed. The moment Bianca hit 450 splash from second rope, everyone thought it was over…but Becky kicked out on 2. Becky’s manhandle slam on steel step was a great spot. During the closing moments, Bianca reversed the manhandle slam with a backflip and delivered KOD to become the new RAW Women’s Champion. Bianca won the SmackDown title last year and RAW title this year…great couple of years for the E.S.T of WWE. 4.5 ♥ for this amazing classic match.

Seth’s Mysterious Opponent

YES YES YES YES YES YES….it is not Stardust…we have American Nightmare Cody Rhodes back in WWE…..!!! Thank you WWE for delivering the best for everyone. Various rumors were going around but thank god it is Cody Rhodes. Seth vs Cody at WrestleMania was a dream match and it was happening. Both the athletes went after a body part with Rollins targeting Cody’s ribs while Cody went after the arm which showed their similar class and mindset. Seth was heard saying “Welcome back to the big league b****” which was harsh but great. Seth kicking out of “Cross Rhodes” and Cody kicking out of reverse suplex+falcon arrow from top rope was a world class move. Cody cutter was very well executed which made the crowd go “This is Awesome”…! Cody finished Seth with Cross Rhodes+Bionic Elbow combo which made crowd go absolutely mad. What a match ♥ It would be tough for everyone following to match this one…5 ♥ match for sure and one of the best matches WWE have produced in a recent while.

Ronda Rousey Vs Charlotte Flair for SmackDown Women’s Championship

Charlotte was basically carrying this feud as Ronda might be good in ring but she has a lot of work to do for her mic skills. Ronda seemed like a worthy competitor for Charlotte’s title reign and she proved that in ring. Even though the match was not perfect, had few botches…still it was a good if not great match. It was a clear battle of submissions as both athletes had their set of submission moves whether it be ankle lock or armbar or figure 8. During the end of the match, Ronda pushed Charlotte and she collided with referee and ref was out of the match. Ronda made Charlotte tapout with armbar but as Ref was down, she went after the referee and that’s when Charlotte hit the “Big Boot” and retained her title. 3.5 ♥ for this title defense, could have been a 4 ♥ match without the botches.

KO Show with Stone Cold Steve Austin

Stone Cold Steve Austin entered to a thunderous response from AT&T Stadium’s crowd and it had goosebumps written all over it. KO mentions he tricked Stone Cold as he doesn’t want to talk about KO show and challenges Stone Cold to a “No Holds Barred” match. On hearing this, the crowd started yes chants which were louder than anything heard on the show. Stone Cold accepted the challenge and we have KO Vs Stone Cold…!

Kevin Owens Vs Stone Cold Steve Austin — No Holds Barred Match

The match started in full hardcore mode as Stone Cold started with stomping and took KO by surprise. Stone Cold put KO through a table outside of the ring and then took him into the crowd. Hats off to Stone Cold for taking that suplex outside of the ring…guy is 57 years old…! Stone Cold took KO for a ride to the entrance stage and delivered two suplexes which were rough. Stone Cold was having the time of his life as he was having beers and beating KO’s ass, he even kicked out of a stunner from KO. KO attempted to hit Stone Cold with a chair, but the chair hit the rope, bounced back and hit him in the head. Stone Cold hit him with the stunner and picked the victory. The guy hasn’t wrestled for 19 years and still delivered one of the best matches of the night. 5 ♥ for this great ending to night 1. Even Byron Saxton got a stunner…lucky him ☻

Based on my above grading, overall I will give 5 ♥ for this PPV. Thank you for reading, if you liked the article please click on the clap button and show your support. You can clap more than once, just keep pressing the icon!!!



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