WWE Survivor Series 2020 — Review & Grading — #MyOpinion

WWE continued its trend of adding tagline to their PPV and we get Survivor Series 2020-Best of Best. Since this year marked the 30th anniversary of Undertaker, hopes were already high from this year’s Survivor Series. Here is my short and crisp review of this PPV :

Dual Brand Battle Royal

So unlike many other battle royals which served no purpose, according to me this was a way of showing how Miz can turn the tables anytime he wants. The match was shockingly interesting as I was not at all invested in it due to it being added at the last minute and also as there was nothing at stakes. Initial moments of match saw a great back and forth between the luchadors Rey Mysterio and Kalisto. Richochet eliminating Cedric Alexander on the apron with a half nelson suplex was brutal to watch. During the closing moments of the match, it was great to watch veterans like Miz and Hardy going against newcomers like Chad Gable and Dominic Mysterio. Dominic and Gable put on a great fight and it was amazing to see how Gable is so good with different suplexes. It clearly showed how Gable was wasted by WWE and now is the time to change everything. Miz was the perfect choice to win the match, but also the way it was executed was well done. 2.5 ♥ for this battle royal kickoff match.

Men’s Survivor Series Elimination Match

So the rumors of Rollins leaving WWE for a while as due date of Becky is in December is infact true. Rollins sacrificed himself during the initial moments of the match as Sheamus brogue kicked and eliminated him. Even before the match Rollins tweeted that he will be doing something for the greater good, judging by the looks of it as his rivalry with Mysterio family is over and he lost clean to his disciple, Rollins is leaving. Thank you Seth for the entertainment in these tough times. Otis vs Keith Lee and Otis Vs Strowman was great to watch as it clearly showed Otis is definitely more than just few funny skits. KO’s stunner bonanza and Jey’s Superkick party weren’t good enough for team RAW as RAW clean swept SmackDown in this opening contest. Honestly it was not bad, but it wasn’t great either. These traditional elimination matches served a purpose and had that drama and chemistry which was missing from this match. Even if they wanted to indulge this in Roman-Jey storyline, Jey was in a 5V1 situation which doesn’t make any sense to me. Overall as this was kept short and sweet, 3 ♥ for this opening bout. RAW(1)-SmackDown(0).

The New Day Vs The Street Profits

A great tag team match finally on a WWE PPV main show. This match had everything from close counters to kickouts on signature moves which was fun to watch. Even though the match was not on the same level as those of NXT, still it was bearable to watch as it was better than usual weekly tag matches. Both teams had great chemistry and brought the best out of the opposition. Ford’s “trouble in paradise” was a surprise element which came out of literally nowhere. It was a right move to put Street Profits over as they were losing the momentum and this would definitely put them in the spotlight again. Thankfully nobody turned heel and it was a match held in great sportsman spirit. 3 ♥ for this tag team action. RAW(1)-SmackDown(1).

Bobby Lashley Vs Sami Zayn

So we get a squash match..seriously??? Bobby Lashley literally ran through Sami Zayn and it looked like Sami had no chance in hell..! With Hurt Business surrounding the ring, Sami had no chance in doing anything fishy or tricky to escape the almighty. Sami is a great athlete and can put on a great match any day with any wrestler and it is indeed disappointing to see him this way. There was no need to protect the US champion as he was going against the InterContinental champion where it was okay to have a decent fight and have a in-ring chemistry. One word…Disappointing. 2 ♥ for whatever this was. RAW(2)-SmackDown(1).

Asuka Vs Sasha Banks

This great rematch from SummerSlam was a treat for all WWE fans. Due to the history among these two, this match had huge expectations and the outcome was satisfactory. Both the athletes played their own mind games as they were fully aware of their opponent’s strategies. It was a hard hitting bout with great spots and chemistry. Sasha’s bank statement reversed into the Asuka Lock was worth mentioning. A lot of back and forth maneuver happened at such a high pace that it felt like it was playing at 2x speed. Even though I am frustrated with a roll-up victory, this indeed was a clever way to end this match as both Sasha and Asuka were infact booked very strong in this match. Since this was an one night affair, as Sasha will be continuing her rivalry with Carmella and Asuka might find a new contender, it was a perfect finish to a great match. 4 ♥ for this amazing fight. RAW(2)-SmackDown(2).

Women’s Survivor Series Elimination Match

WWE should have booked Asuka Vs Sasha as the second main event instead of this traditional elimination match. So this match was indeed crazy from start till the very end. RAW not allowing Lana to even enter the match and SmackDown with a self proclaimed captain Bayley that nobody agrees to, don’t know how this match ended up being the second main event of the night. During the closing moments of the match, Baszler was disqualified after she didn’t let go of Bianca with the lock even though she was holding the ropes. Nia then dragged Bianca out of the ring in order to put her through a table but it was reversed by Bianca and later on both Bianca and Nia were double counted out and thus Lana who was in the ring instructed not to do anything, came out as the sole survivor. 2 ♥ for this…match. RAW(3)-SmackDown(2).

Drew McIntyre Vs Roman Reigns

What a fight…!!!!!!!!!! There is no doubt that Roman is doing wonders as a heel and this was no different. An amazing match with a not so amazing finish, still kudos to both Drew and Roman for putting up an amazing match. It was a hard hitting fest with no one ready to give up and hence an interference with referee down seemed like an obvious choice to WWE. There were lot of moments worth mentioning in the match, Drew countering the superman punch into a armbar kind of lock, Roman putting Drew through announcer’s table and then spearing him through barricade and Drew kicking out of that was shocking. After Drew hit Reigns with claymore, Reigns knocked referee down with him. Roman then delivered a low blow, followed by super kick from Jey and the speared his way to the victory. A great match that would have upset many people due to the finishing, still a phenomenal match. 4.5 ♥ for amazing chemistry between Drew and Roman. Even though it was an one time battle, they may battle in future, but for this build and match…hats off..! RAW(3)-SmackDown(3).

Undertaker’s Farewell

Undertaker will finally rest in peace…! Thank you phenom for 30 years of entertainment..☻

Based on my above grading, overall I will give 3 ♥ for this PPV, but a whole lot ♥ for the farewell, it was hard to watch .Thank you for reading, if you liked the article please click on the clap button and show your support. You can clap more than once, just keep pressing the icon!!!

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