WWE SummerSlam 2020— Review & Grading — #MyOpinion

So , the biggest event of the summer is here and with a 5* NXT Takeover event, expectations were pretty high from SummerSlam. With 8 matches announced for the night and a decent match card, this could have come out in WWE’s favor. Here is my short and crisp review of the biggest party of the summer :

Bayley Vs Asuka for Smackdown Women’s Championship

It was a nice move to open the show with SmackDown Women’s Championship match as fans needed something exciting to start the night after last night’s exciting PPV. As expected, Bayley retained her title after a distraction from Sasha with a roll-up victory, this cheap maneuver to get a victory is really getting on my nerve. Everyone knew Sasha would get involved in one way or the other, but again a roll-up victory on such a stage is a shame. Also the match was pretty average with no high points, Bayley damaging Asuka’s leg and then getting away with a roll-up victory was a no-brainer. The outcome was pretty obvious but still I was disappointed with the execution. 2.5 ♥ for this opening bout.

The Street Profits Vs Andrade & Angel Garza for RAW Tag Team Championship

As I mentioned in my last blog regarding the things that must happen at SummerSlam ( https://medium.com/@sharma.ashish.1996/things-that-must-happen-at-wwe-summerslam-2020-11ab552a14d7 ), one of them was to have a superstar make a comeback. Kevin Owens returning to commentary with his tie on was not the best WWE could do but still it was fun to watch as he has great mic skills. WWE could have gone in two opposite directions for this one as they could have made Andrade and Garza as champions or they could have sow the seeds for Andrade Vs Garza and it seems WWE decided to go with the latter. I really don’t understand but the tag matches at NXT are of a different level and most of the tag matches in a WWE-PPV are just normal matches with very minimum moments and this was no different. Other than Ford changing his frog splash’s direction mid-air, there was nothing much to offer in this tag match. During the closing moments of the match Garza was looking out for Andrade while Andrade was checking on Zelina as she was injured, Street Profits made the most of the moment and pinned Garza. 2.5 ♥ for this match, extra .5 ♥ for Andrade Vs Garza moment because if WWE decides to go with it, these two could deliver some of the amazing matches ever seen in WWE. Also, Aleister Black as the guest on KO’s show for tomorrow’s RAW was an added bonus.

Mandy Rose Vs Sonya Deville in a No Disqualification Loser Leaves WWE match

I was actually happy to see these two women getting a match on such a grand stage as they always had the potential to deliver. With all their history involved and then the amazing promos following that, it was something which I was really looking out for. Due to the recent event in Deville’s personal life, it was pretty obvious she needed some time-off and WWE decided to make this a loser leaves WWE match which was a great move. The outcome was obvious but again there was lack of execution. Mandy looked clumsy in the ring as she was unable to place the table, even the moves were not upto the mark and also the momentum was pretty slow which was a disappointment. Placing the table but not using it, making it a no disqualification match but not using any weapons, not even trying to do things which would lead to disqualification made no sense to me. WWE wasted what could have been the women’s match of the night. 2.5 ♥ for this disappointment and best wishes for Sonya Deville for the future.

Dominik Mysterio Vs Seth Rollins in a Street Fight

Dominik not allowing Rey to interfere was a clear indication that it would be a long night for Dominik Mysterio. The start of the match was amazing with Rollins manhandling Dominik like a kid and then Dominik coming back with amazing armdrag. The one thing which worked in this match’s favor was the story line involved as Rey’s wife was watching from backstage and Dominik not allowing Rey to interfere in the match. Hats off to Dominik for taking those bumps, kendo sticks and putting up an amazing fight. The Russian leg sweep with kendo stick from the second turnbuckle into the table was fabulous from Dominik. Those kendo stick shots at the bare body of Dominik were tough to watch. As Rey got involved when Murphy was trying to damage Dominik’s eye, Seth handcuffed Rey to the ring and then invited Rey’s wife who was now at the entrance area to watch, storytelling at its finest. Dominik attacked Seth from behind and then took both Murphy and Rollins, performed 619 on the apron area and then 619 in the ring but Rollins reversed the Frog Splash with a knee to stomach. Seth then made Rey watch as he delivered Curb Stomp to Dominik and finished that epic encounter. One more thing from my last blog which really happened, am I dreaming?? 4.5 ♥ for the chemistry, the match and the amazing story. Thanks to everyone involved..!

Sasha Banks Vs Asuka for RAW Women’s Championship

This match had all the potential to be the match of the night as this could lead to something far more exciting with Bayley Vs Sasha rivalry and I am happy to say that it stood upto the mark. The sunset powerbomb by Sasha to Asuka to the outside was lit as it was one of the hardest bump I have ever seen. The electric chair drop, DDT from top rope, this match had all amazing textbook moves performed to perfection by two of the greatest. Asuka-lock reversed to Bank Statement and then reversed back to Asuka-lock was worth watching as it kept audience on the edge of seats in their homes as the match could go either way from that moment. The closing moments were similar to Bayley-Asuka match but instead of Sasha, Asuka took advantage after taking out Bayley and won the title by Asuka-lock. Bayley not helping Sasha when she needed her the most could be the reason she would be upset and would lead to their rivalry, we will come to know more about this on tomorrow’s RAW. 3.5 ♥ for the hard hitting moves and amazing chemistry, fingers crossed as we may get Sasha Vs Bayley pretty soon.

Drew McIntyre Vs Randy Orton for the WWE Championship

WWE decided to go with Universal Championship match main eventing the SummerSlam which would be something to discuss about. This match saw heel Orton at his finest as he used the announcer’s table for a superplex, taunted the audience at home and even used the referee to his advantage by dragging him and eye raking Drew to get out of figure four leg lock. These two had amazing in-ring chemistry as they complemented each other’s moves which resulted in various close pinfalls. McIntyre shouting “Get up you SOB” before the Claymore was badass but everything went wrong after that moment. Randy went for an RKO, which was reversed by a back slide and just like that Drew McIntyre retained the WWE championship. Building a heated rivalry among two of the very best in the business which also included lot of other Hall of Famers MUST NOT end this way. A backslide pin which is another version of the cheap maneuver which I mentioned earlier is seriously not the way to end a WWE Championship match at SummerSlam. If they don’t schedule Randy Vs Drew again at Payback next week and make Randy champion, then this whole rivalry would not benefit any of the superstar. A big disappointment for such an amazing build…3 ♥ for the in-ring chemistry.

Braun Strowman Vs The Fiend in a Falls Count Anywhere Match for WWE Universal Championship

Before anything, Fiend’s entry was lit as always..! With his amazing entrance music, lighting, arena mood, everything works in his way and it’s always mesmerizing to watch. The match started at 5th gear with Fiend’s first move as Ura-nage to Strowman. Strowman speared Fiend through the barricade, choke slammed him through the table, still Fiend got upto his feet in no time. Fiend’s laughter throughout the match made him creepy and inevitable. Even Strowman was in no mood to lose as he got up from a Sister Abigail on the floor backstage. Strowman teared the ring apart and exposed the wooden flooring just to get Ura-nage followed with two Sister Abigail on floor from Fiend. 3.5 ♥ for the battle of the monsters. And as I wrote in my last blog, don’t know how this came true but I kind of saw that coming, Roman Reigns returned and started attacking Fiend. Roman speared Strowman outside the ring and then speared Fiend and stood over him with Universal Championship in hand. I don’t know about actual ratings, but my ratings just went up…5 ♥ for this segment. Finally a heel Roman Reigns..!!

Based on my above grading, overall I will give 3.35 ♥ for this PPV. Thank you for reading, if you liked the article please click on the clap button and show your support. You can clap more than once, just keep pressing the icon!!!

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