WWE Hell in a Cell 2020 — Review & Grading — #MyOpinion

So with only five matches advertised for this PPV..I was excited to see how this event would go off as I was pretty sure WWE would add few more matches to fill the stack. With just one match added in the card and one on pre-show this was a good move from WWE as all the matches had enough time and nothing felt rushed. Here is a short and sweet review of Hell in a Cell 2020:

Roman Reigns Vs Jey Uso “I Quit” Hell in a Cell match for the Universal Championship

WWE as usual started with a bang..!!! This was one hell of a match, not due to the hard hitting it involved but due to the story line they put across. Roman Reigns dominated most of the match with few of the counter moves from Jey but at no moment in match it appeared that Roman would utter those words as he was comfortable AF hurting Jey. The usage of strap by both the athletes was brutal to watch as the sound of strap hitting the back echoed the arena. The match didn’t have many spots as Jey was out cold after the guillotine choke and soon after that Roman started warning Jey regarding what was coming next..! Roman kicked a steel step to Jey’s head which was the final nail in the coffin as Jey stopped moving after that and laid almost unconscious in the ring. The referee decided to stop the match at that moment and was about to ring the bell but was confronted by Roman and thrown out of the ring. Thank you WWE…for not ruining this like Rollins Vs Fiend. As Roman was about to damage Jey with a steel step on his head, WWE officials and authorities entered the ring and stopped Roman but he was in no mood for stopping as he drew everyone out of the ring. Finally, Jimmy USO came to his aid and Roman stopped and sat down like he was regretting this whole thing but attacked Jimmy with a guillotine choke later. In order to save his brother, Jey uttered the words “I Quit” and stopped the massacre. Overall match didn’t had any WOW moments, but due to the chemistry and all the story, it was worth the start. 4 ♥ for the guys putting in everything that they had.

Jeff Hardy Vs Elias

WWE followed their tradition of going downhill right after the start with this average weekly televised match. It was tough to watch a former Intercontinental champion and superstar returning from injury to have such a low energy match. Although the ending was a clear indication that the rivalry was from from over, still WWE could have given them few more minutes or at least a high paced match after that amazing opening bout. Elias won by disqualification after Jeff hit him with a guitar..hoping to have a entertaining feud between these two. 2.5 ♥ for this match.

Miz Vs Otis for Money in the Bank Briefcase

Many people were upset with this outcome but this was eventually “Best for Business”. Back when Otis won the contract, everybody thought WWE would do something different with Otis but it didn’t go anywhere. Also, Otis never appeared as a threat or showed his intention of going after any of the title..hence it was the right decision to make Miz the winner in this contest. Many people would have guessed the outcome of this match but not the way it would have happened as Tucker just turned HEEL..! Tucker hit Otis with the briefcase and Miz was stunned just like everyone else watching at home. The outcome helped all the people involved as now we have a legit Money in the Bank contract holder who can cash-in any time as he had done before, Otis-Tucker rivalry would be fun to watch and also if Miz wins the title, we can get Miz Vs Morrison which would blow the roof off any arena..! 3 ♥ for this bout…extra .5 ♥ for the heel turn.

Bayley Vs Sasha Hell in a Cell match for the SmackDown Women’s Championship

A 5♥ match without a doubt..!!! This is what was missing from the first Hell in a Cell match as this match had moments, chairs, tables, kendo sticks and what not. It was a perfect way to end Bayley’s championship reign as the stage was great..opponent was worthy and match was top notch. What added the cherry on the top was their chemistry and story line involved in this high energy contest. The match had lot of innovative offenses which is very rare in WWE nowadays, running meteor by Sasha over a leaned table to the cell was wow, a sunset powerbomb by Sasha to the outside and sunset powerbomb by Bayley to chair set on middle turnbuckle were also worth mentioning. The match was filled with many close calls like the one where Sasha belly suplexed Bayley on the ladder..which was hard to watch. During the closing moments of the match, Sasha locked Bayley in Bank Statement by using a chair and also started stomping the chair thus increasing the pain to which Bayley submitted. A perfect revenge delivered perfectly by two of the best in the business…♥.

Bobby Lashley Vs Slapjack for the United States Championship

So after a challenge issued by Mustafa Ali to Hurt Business regarding a 1 Vs 1 match from each faction, it lead to Bobby Lashley defending against Slapjack. The match was fast paced but it also ended really fast after Lashley delivered a spinebuster followed with full nelson slam. By the looks of it, it appears WWE will give us Retribution Vs Hurt Business at Survivor Series which could be worth watching if delivered properly. WWE put so much efforts in building a faction like the Shield but the finished product was so bad that they got squashed in their first official match. Either WWE has no idea on what to do with Retribution or they just failed miserably. 2 ♥ for this non-required filler match.

Drew McIntyre Vs Randy Orton Hell in a Cell match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

We have a 14 time champion and it was long due as Randy Orton has been the workhorse during this tough times. There is no doubt that Drew’s championship reign was great as he never failed to deliver but now was the time to make the shift. The match started at full gear already with Orton posing as a cameraman and trying to attack Drew to which Drew was ready. Both men fought outside and then finally entered the ring and match officially began. This match was different from the two HIAC matches happened before as even though it didn’t have lots of weapons or a family rivalry, it still had all the elements in small portions which made it a successful main event. Randy was attacking Drew limb by limb and actually manipulated the whole match according to his wish. He climbed to the top of the cell and Drew followed where he had placed a weapon which he used to his advantage. While coming down from the cell, he threw Drew on the announcer’s table thus damaging every inch of Drew’s body. According to me, Randy should have won the match after delivering the punt kick as wining with a single RKO was just not digestive enough for me. But still the two delivered as usual..4 ♥ for Drew’s first and last main event PPV match.

Based on my above grading, overall I will give 3.5 ♥ for this PPV but this was by far the best WWE PPV in a while as all the Hell in a Cell matches delivered..! Thank you for reading, if you liked the article please click on the clap button and show your support. You can clap more than once, just keep pressing the icon!!!

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