WWE Elimination Chamber 2022…Worst WWE PPV ever — Review and Grading — #MyOpinion

Ashish Sharma
6 min readFeb 19, 2022


So this was Elimination Chamber’s international debut as the event was happening outside of USA for the very first time. This will go down in the history as one of the worst WWE PPVs. I am a huge WWE fan, but I really wasted my time watching this event. Here is my short and crisp review of WWE Elimination Chamber 2022 :

Rey Mysterio Vs Miz (KickOff)

Really upset to see these two talented former world champions to be in the kickoff show…disappointed..! The match was average like a weekly televised match and had nothing new to offer. The only thing which was interesting was the crowd as they were fully into the match. These two have the potential to steal the show anytime of the year…but this was plain flop. These two definitely deserve lot more time and definitely a slot on the main show. 2 ♥ for this kickoff battle as crowd was left happy with the ending as both Rey and Dominic hit frog splash on Miz after the quick roll up victory by Rey.

Roman Reigns Vs Goldberg for the Universal Championship

So there were no security guards for Goldberg’s entrance and neither Heyman introduced Roman…something was off right from the very start. The whole match saw Roman dominating throughout with just two spears from Goldberg that also did little to nothing damage to Roman. Goldberg travelled all the way around the globe for delivering just 2 spears…! 1 ♥ for this disaster…not a good start for a PPV. Obviously no one was expecting Goldberg to win but this was a total disappointment. Goldberg Vs Lashley showed that Goldberg can deliver matches…don’t know what was wrong with the ones who produced this match.

Women’s Elimination Chamber Match

With only a single women’s match on a PPV in Saudi Arabia to a women’s elimination chamber match, WWE has gone a long way and hats off to that progress..! Alexa getting a swing inside her pod was a genius move as it goes a way in building her character. Nikki and Liv started the match and Doudrop was the first to come out of the pod. Doudrop beautifully used the chamber and destroyed both Nikki and Liv. Rhea Ripley was next to come when Nikki was celebrating in the ring and she went straight after her and eliminated her with the “Riptide”. Alexa was next to come and attacked everyone soon after entering the chamber. Liv eliminated Doudrop with a sunset powerbomb of the turnbuckle. Alexa eliminated Liv with the “Twisted Bliss”. Bianca eliminated Rhea with a KOD after a DDT from Alexa and then the final two were Bianca and Alexa. Bianca hit KOD on Alexa after few back and forths and won the match. Bianca won the Royal Rumble last year and won elimination chamber this time…should have been Rhea’s turn this time according to me. Alexa was booked strong but winning the chamber soon after her return would have not made sense. 3 ♥ for this chamber battle.

Naomi and Ronda Vs Charlotte and Sonya

Ronda went into this match with one hand tied to her back as Sonya’s arm was broken. As soon as match started, Sonya removed the arm support and attacked Ronda which was a plain cowardly move. Ronda was impressive with her one arm moves as it is always difficult to perform in such stipulated matches. Ronda was able to deliver “Piper’s Pit” followed with an armbar to make Sonya tap out. It was a perfect match to make Ronda the “Face” against the “Heel” Charlotte for their Wrestlemania match. I was impressed with Ronda’s performance the most but honestly everybody involved did their part pretty well. 2.5 ♥ for the match and storyline involving all 4 superstars.

Drew McIntyre Vs Madcapp Moss

So this was basically a 2 on 1 handicap match for Drew as Corbin was interfering whenever he wanted. Drew botched one of the moves as Moss landed right on his head which could have damaged his neck also. The botch was brutal to watch but hats off to Moss for continuing with that. Drew kept Corbin out of the match with the sword in his hand and pinned Moss after delivering the Claymore. I wanted this feud to end but it seems we are gonna get Drew Vs Corbin at Wrestlemania which will be a complete waste. They should go after the IC title as even Sami Zayn will require new opponents for his title reign. 2 ♥ for this not so necessary matchup.

Becky Lynch Vs Lita for RAW Women’s Championship

So this was Lita’s in ring return after 16 long years and expectations were huge from this match. The start was sloppy but it gained momentum as the match progressed. Lita was slow and her moves were also not upto the mark but Becky was making sure Lita’s moves looked legit. “Twist of Fate” followed with moonsault was not enough to keep Becky down but a Manhandle Slam from Becky was enough for Lita. Hats off to Lita for trying to put a decent match but the end sequence could have been better. The crowd loved Lita and showed their appreciation for her which was heart warming. 2.5 ♥ for this title defense.

The USOS vs The Viking Raiders for Smackdown Tag Team Championship

People all over the social media were really hyped about this match and were wondering if this match could steal the show. LOL…this match did not even started. USOS attacked Viking Raiders during their entrance and then the match was cancelled as Viking Raiders were in no condition to compete. No further comments on this.

Men’s Elimination Chamber Match

Michael Cole already gave the spoiler for this match right after Roman’s match but I thought maybe things will change but nothing happened. Theory and Rollins started the match and soon after that Rollins put Theory through Lashley’s pod. Lashley was injured due to that and was removed from the chamber. Riddle was the first one to come out of the chamber followed with AJ Styles. Riddle paid homage to Randy by delivering double ring DDT on AJ and Rollins. Lesnar broke the chamber and entered the match and eleminated Seth, Riddle and AJ. He literally killed Austin theory with a F5 from top of the pod. WWE put the title again on Lesnar and now we have Roman Vs Brock in a Title Vs Title match at Wrestlemania. This was the worst WWE PPV I have ever watched and I can’t believe I lost my sleep for this garbage. Highly disappointed with this PPV…will mostly never watch a WWE Saudi PPV ever again. 1 ♥ for this. Not even a single match worth watching in this PPV. What a waste of time…!

Based on my above grading, overall I will give 1 ♥ for this PPV. Thank you for reading, if you liked the article please click on the clap button and show your support. You can clap more than once, just keep pressing the icon!!!