WWE Clash of Champions 2020 — Review & Grading — #MyOpinion

WWE continued its trend of adding a tagline to its PPVs in 2020 and we get the gold rush at Clash of Champions 2020. Finally all the titles were defended in this PPV which did complete justice to the show and also the match card was decent enough to put together an entertaining night. Here is my short and crisp review of this exciting PPV..!

Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler Vs Riot Squad for Women’s Tag Team Championship

So this match never happened…let’s move on..!

Jeff Hardy Vs Sami Zayn Vs AJ Styles for the Undisputed Intercontinental Championship in a Ladder Match

As I mentioned in my previous blog this match either deserved a main event spot or WWE should start with a bang and WWE decided to go with the latter. The match was an absolute classic ladder match with an out of the world finish which just made this match from great to phenomenal. Jeff Hardy showed why he is a true legend when it comes to ladder matches when he crawled to the other side of a leaned ladder while Sami Zayn was still holding it, it was a sick moment and the landing following that was brutal to watch but that’s what Jeff does best. Jeff broke Sami in half with a Swanton Bomb off the top of a ladder which had the biggest ever impact I have ever heard..maybe because of no crowd it was heard louder..! AJ Styles performed a picture-perfect moonsault to reverse DDT on Sami from announcer’s table which was a treat to watch. Both Jeff and Styles were great but the man which stood out was Sami Zayn. We all know he is a legend in terms of selling moves and he did that with perfection in this match. Also there were many innovative offenses in this match like Styles throwing a smaller ladder at Sami in order to stop him from grabbing the titles..innovation at its best. I would have given this match 4 ♥ but the closing moments of the match changed everything. Sami Zayn handcuffed Jeff’s earlobe to a freaking ladder so that he could not move which was a GOD level move according to me, also when he failed to handcuff Styles, he handcuffed himself to Styles to prevent Styles from winning. Styles carried Sami on his shoulder and started ascending the ladder while Jeff carried the ladder still attached to his earlobe and tried to stop Styles. While Styles was busy with Jeff, Sami released himself from the handcuff with the help of the key and handcuffed Styles to the ladder..fucking brilliant. Sami then climbed the ladder and grabbed those titles while both of his opponents were handcuffed and struggled…a true undisputed intercontinental champion was crowned. 5 ♥ for this opener..!

Asuka Vs Zelina Vega for RAW Women’s Championship

WWE went the right way with this match as Zelina Vega was not truly a threat to Asuka but still came out strong. Zelina attacked Asuka’s arm throughout the match which was the only way she could have won as Asuka is too strong for her. There was no way in hell Zelina was getting away with the title but still it was a great fight from her even when she is not a full time wrestler. Asuka reversed an armbar to Asuka lock to which Zelina tapped in no time, after the match Zelina attacked Asuka so maybe we already have that unnecessary rematch on tomorrow’s RAW ready already..! The outcome was obvious, but for the efforts put in by both the athletes, I will give this a 2.5 ♥, extra .5 for Zelina’s in ring skills and performance.

Bobby Lashley Vs Apollo Crews for United States Championship

Both Bobby Lashley and Apollo Crews are world class athletes but I am not able to understand why they are not able to deliver. Maybe these matches are happening too often and WWE need to stop this Hurt Business Vs Apollo & Ricochet thing and do something different to make US title more relevant. This match was an average weekly show match with nothing much to offer, had no exciting spots, plain match with a clean finish as Apollo tapped to nelson lock. WWE should not put Apollo into the title picture again, maybe Ricochet Vs Lashley could be fun to watch but no Apollo any further for sure. 2 ♥ for this successful title defense.

Street Profits Vs Andrade & Angel Garza for RAW Tag Team Championship

Another tag team match on a PPV which failed to deliver and felt like an average match on RAW or SmackDown. Vince should actually learn from Hunner in terms of tag team wrestling as the tag matches they even have at NXT weekly shows are way better and innovative than these PPV tag matches. There were no hot tags, no innovative spots, nothing new to offer even though these two teams were going against each other for nth time, disappointed yet again. WWE continuing its trend of starting with a bang and then going downhill from there. If this was not enough to irritate the fans, WWE botched the ending to this with a quick pinfall out of nowhere even when Andrade’s shoulder were clearly up before the three count, which was an utter surprise to even Dawkins. Another rematch for tomorrow’s RAW set..well done WWE..! 1.5 ♥ as I am really a big fan of tag matches and this is getting really getting on my nerves PPV after PPV.

Bayley Vs Nikki Cross for SmackDown Women’s Championship

So Nikki Cross was not medically cleared, maybe due to the recent COVID outbreak in the NXT, not sure. Bayley entered the ring and issued an open challenge which she closed as soon as she announced it, but before the referee could declare her the winner, Asuka came and started attacking Bayley so guess what we have Bayley Vs Asuka for SmackDown Women’s Championship. The match served no purpose to any of the athletes as WWE could not have let RAW Champion lose to SmackDown Champion in such an impromptu match, also WWE could not have let Asuka become double champion for the very same reason. Bayley attacked Asuka with a chair and saved her title and my prediction was made into reality as Sasha Banks returned and attacked Bayley..! Sasha Banks attacked Bayley with chair and kendo stick and Bayley escaped later so we are finally getting Sasha Vs Bayley at Hell in a Cell..! 2.5 ♥ for returning Sasha and finally giving us Bayley Vs Sasha in one of the most extreme and brutal matches of all times.

Drew McIntyre Vs Randy Orton for WWE World Heavyweight Championship in an Ambulance Match

So I have mixed feelings regarding this one as I loved the idea of all the legends returning for redemption and attacking Orton but I really wanted Orton to win this one. Orton’s matches heavily rely on story-lines and this one was no different, but still one of the best of the night. We see a returning Big Show soon after the opening moments of the match when Randy was going for the punt kick, Big Show chokeslams him on the announcer’s table and just left. Drew McIntyre claymores the ambulance’s front gate which was new to watch but he also hurt his knee in that process. The fight moved to backstage where we see another legend Christian returning and attacking Orton, so at this moment we knew where this was going. When the fight returned to the Ambulance area, Orton slammed Drew’s back on the front glass thus almost shattering it and then both moved to the top of the Ambulance. Orton kicked McIntyre while he was hanging from the Ambulance thus dropping him to the floor and out-of-nowhere a “Sweet Chin Music” to the legend killer and he was thrown on to the table from the top by HBK. McIntyre claymored Orton and then punt kicked him and put his ass into the Ambulance to retain the title. 4 ♥ for this entertainer.

Roman Reigns Vs Jey USO for WWE Universal Championship

There is no doubt that Roman is Vince’s favorite as we had an ambulance match on the card but still the “Clash of Cousins” main evented the PPV. Jey USO proved that he is one of the best performers in WWE right now as going against the BIG DOG is no easy task. Roman dominated most of the match but it was a great effort from Jey USO. Jey reversing a spear into a quick pinfall and then delivering a super kick followed with a splash was the closest Jey came to capturing the universal championship. What followed after that was creativity at its best as Roman delivered a low blow while getting his shoulder up from a pinfall and that was something which I had never seen before. Soon after that we got to see the badass Roman we all wanted as he refused to finish the match unless he was acknowledged as the “Tribal Chief” by Jey USO to which Jey refused without any hesitation. Roman even warned the referee to not interfere as that was family business and his trash talking was absolute gold as it cemented himself as the top heel in the business right now. Roman started punching Jey continuously as he refused to acknowledge Roman as the chief and then came Jimmy in aid for his brother with a towel in his hand. Jey told Jimmy not to throw the towel but when things got of hands and Roman viciously started punching Jey again, Jimmy had no choice but to throw the towel and stop the match. After the match Jimmy threw himself on top of his brother to stop Roman from beating the shit out of his brother and acknowledged Roman as the “Tribal Chief” and told him to leave. Roman instructed Heyman to put the Lei(garland) on him which Jey wore to the ring earlier and that ended this phenomenal main event. 4.5 ♥ for this, extra .5 for the badass Roman we got now..!!!

Based on my above grading, overall I will give 3.2 ♥ for this PPV, but this could have been one hell of a show if the mid card would not have disappointed yet again. Thank you for reading, if you liked the article please click on the clap button and show your support. You can clap more than once, just keep pressing the icon!!!

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