Things that must happen at WWE SummerSlam 2020..!

So we are just 2 days away from the biggest event of the summer and WWE is trying everything in their arsenal to make it one of the best events in the recent times. With the debut of WWE Thunderdome on today’s SmackDown which was pretty good according to me, as we had pyros and entrances, my hopes are pretty high for SummerSlam. So, I thought of writing about few things which must happen at SummerSlam that can help WWE elevate those ratings and give their audiences something fresh to cheer about.

Sow seeds for Bayley Vs Sasha Feud

We want another of this classic battle..!!

With Asuka getting an opportunity at both RAW and SmackDown Women’s championship, there is no way she is leaving the SummerSlam without any gold around her waist. As Bayley will face Asuka first at SummerSlam, maybe she can retain the title with some assist from Sasha but things could take worse turn when Bayley tries to return the favor. Bayley could “accidentally” cost Sasha the title which could sow the initial seeds for this rivalry. Later next week on WWE Payback, Sasha could cost them the tag titles and put the final nail in the coffin and challenge Bayley for the SmackDown Women’s Championship as she would have enough of Bayley and want to get rid of her. This could help lot of other superstars as Asuka can defend her title against Natalya, Nia, Baszler, Liv etc. and we could also see some new contenders for women’s tag team championship. It is a win-win for everybody, book this good shi!t WWE.

Let Retribution do their thing

I may not be a big fan of this retribution faction but it’s good to see some chaos once in a while. Retribution has appeared for a couple of weeks on both RAW and SmackDown and it would be foolish to leave them out of the biggest summer party. If they could demolish and brutalize everything on a weekly show, just imagine the madness they would do on such a magnificent stage. WWE could use them for a match result or to create an angle of some sort or WWE could introduce one of their member, whatever it is, just use them on SummerSlam as they are lava hot right now which would definitely add to their momentum.

DON’T make Rollins Lose to a Kid

The rivalry between Seth Rollins and Rey Mysterio has been a thing of beauty as both are great athletes which can deliver a great match at any event. With Rey “losing” his eye at Extreme Rules, WWE decided to go with Dominic Vs Seth in an Extreme Rules match at SummerSlam. There is no way in hell that Dominic could beat Seth clean as this would be his debut match and Seth is a freaking architect of this wrestling business. WWE can make him look great as Seth has great in-ring ability and this match could be stellar too but booking him over Seth would be a mistake. This match should be booked like AJ Styles Vs Shane at Wrestlemania where everyone fell in love with Shane but ultimately they didn’t make the phenomenal one lose. No hard feelings for Dominic, but Seth is a mastermind and one of the best in business right now.

Have a superstar-return worth remembering

WWE is always one step ahead of his fans as most of the scenarios are unpredictable and put WWE back the top of the ladder. With many of the superstars injured and out of action, WWE should make someone return to action so that the buzz regarding the return would still be around even after the show is over. One of the mind boggling returns would be of Roman Reigns (which is highly unlikable), which could blow the roof off as he is out of action since Wrestlemania. To add cherry on the top, a heel Roman would actually help his career and eventually help WWE in their ratings. Other than this Jinder Mahal or Samoa Joe could return and cost Drew his title as nobody would like to indulge with Fiend or Strowman. They could even introduce the new and improved Aliester Black as he has been sharing strange stuff on twitter which could be an indication of his new avatar.

Give us 14-time WWE Champion

There is no doubt that Drew has been a fighting champion since Wrestlemania and he is doing a tremendous job in this tough time. Drew successfully defended his title against Big Show, Lashley, Dolph and Seth Rollins and all his matches if not great, were worth watching. But there is an another guy in the business who is in his top notch form and even better than ever before, Randy Orton. Without a doubt, he is the best heel ever there was, there is and there ever will be dot. He returned to his legend killer avatar and destroyed one legend after another and he is not stopping at all as he beat the hell out of HBK on this week’s RAW. We all wanted to see him win the big prize and there could be no perfect time other than this. Also Drew never got his big moment as he defeated Brock in an empty arena, so Drew can win back his title at another grand stage once things get normal. The right thing to do at this particular moment would be to crown a new WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

LET HIM IN…..!!!

As Goldberg refused to lose to Fiend and WWE went ahead with Spear Vs Spear at Wrestlemania and we thought that was the last of Bray’s career. With Roman opting out of Wrestlemania WWE decided to put the title on Strowman as they wanted to do Wyatt Vs Strowman with all their history involved. This rivalry is one of the best rivalries in the recent times as they had a lot of history among them and also the matches were worth watching. Bray Wyatt is an absolute genius and there is no doubt regarding that. He understands the wrestling business, story lines and how to get audience’s attention. With his 3 personas in the business now, he can do a lot with that and reach different heights. Since the score is 1–1 as Strowman defeated Firefly Fun House Wyatt at Money in the Bank and “Eater of the Worlds” Wyatt defeated Strowman in Swamp fight, WWE should put the title on Fiend as it could be the best way to end the show. With Strowman’s new heelish character, this match would be worth watching.

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