ROYAL RUMBLE 2022 — Review & Grading — #MyOpinion

Ashish Sharma
6 min readJan 30, 2022

So one of the big 4 PPVs of WWE is here and expectations were way too much for this one as Royal Rumble never disappoints. With only six matches advertised that had two world title matches involving biggest draws like Seth, Roman, Lashley and Lesnar, it was a great decision to not overload the card and keep it simple. So here is my short and crisp review of the same :

Roman Reigns Vs Seth Rollins for Universal Championship

WWE PPVs nowadays are usually starting with the banger and this was no different. Even though lot of people were upset with the ending for this one but neither Roman nor Seth could lose this one clean. Seth is a pure master in the art of storytelling and even Roman had great storylines throughout his title reign, so this match had the potential of being the biggest draw in the recent times. Seth’s entrance with shield music and gear was amazing which completely threw Roman off the track. This match had all the nostalgia vibes as Seth powerbombed Roman through a table and even used a buckle bomb. Spear reversal into a pedigree is always a treat to watch and Seth executes it perfectly each time. Roman was disqualified for not letting go of guillotine as he clearly wanted to hurt Seth. Roman-Seth recreated the famous chair betrayal scene from 2014 with roles reversed and beat the hell out of Seth. This should be a clear face turn for Seth and he should bring back his old theme song and attire and give us Seth Vs Roman at Wrestlemania. 4 ♥ for the art of storytelling and I know this will be a 5 ♥ match at Wrestlemania.

Women’s Royal Rumble Match

Battle royals are always fun to watch, whether it be men or women or at Royal Rumble or any other PPV. This match was also fun as it had its moments and few of the key moments were:

Legends like Melina, Ivory, Kelly Kelly, Summer Rae, Bella Twins and Mitchell McCool arrived.

Queen Zelina eliminating Sasha Banks was a shocker.

Impact Knockout Champion Mickey James entrance with the Knockout title was loved by the crowd.

Naomi and Sonya continued their rivalry as Naomi eliminated Sonya and later Sonya dragged Naomi when she was on the apron.

Sarah Logan and Liv were reunited but soon were eliminated by Bella Twins.

Lita eliminating Mickey James brought back good old times.

Molly Holly attacked brutally and eliminated by Niki ASH.

Ronda Rousey RETURNED….!

Bianca, Lita, Charlotte, Rhea, Ronda and Baszler were the last six participants.

Charlotte eliminating Lita was booed largely by crowd.

The final 4 were Charlotte, Bianca, Ronda and Baszler. Baszler and Bianca were trying to eliminate each other when Charlotte eliminated both of them. Charlotte was eliminated soon after that by Ronda, which they could have extended a bit with few back and forth, but still it was a result which will bring some good matches. 5 ♥ for this rumble since anything less than this will be not justified for all efforts put by 30 women..!

Becky Lynch Vs Doudrop for RAW Women’s Championship

Nobody was expecting Becky to drop the title to Doudrop couple of months before the Wrestlemania and after Ronda won the rumble, it was more evident. But I was curious to know how this will be played as we already had a disqualification for the night, so other option was an old school pinfall victory which anyway sucks to end a title match on a PPV. Becky was giving shocking expressions each time she was able to get only 2 counts which was a bit too much. The match was average as we had seen Becky do wonders but still thanks to WWE for not finishing this with a rollover cover. Becky executed man handle slam from the second rope on Doudrop and retained her title. 3.5 ♥ for Doudrop’s first title match in WWE.

Brock Lesnar Vs Bobby Lashley for WWE Championship

What started off as a german suplex contest…soon turned into a brawl. Both heavyweights gave it all and it was a great contest. But what shocked was the ending as that came out of the blue and I personally just loved it…! The referee was down after Brock hit F5 on Bobby and while Brock was recovering…there came a spear out of nowhere from the Tribal Chief. Roman asked for the title from Heyman and Heyman just gave it to him and he hit Brock with the title. Lashley pinned the champion and became 2 time WWE champion. WWE is just killing in terms of storylines involving the champions and I am loving it. What was looking like Seth vs Roman is now mostly will be a triple threat at mania with Seth Vs Roman Vs Brock II. Hopefully they should have a decent contender for the WWE championship also. 4 ♥ for this great match.

Edge and Beth Vs Miz and Maryse

I was least bothered about this match and even the result was evident but still seeing both Edge and Beth in action is always fun to watch. The match was average but had few close calls which kept everyone on the edge of their seat. The Hurricanrana from the top rope by Maryse on Edge was beautiful and was something different. The closing moments of the match saw Edge and Beth delivering double spear on Miz and then each giving Glam Slam to Miz and Maryse respectively. They could have put this match before the WWE championship match but still it was a fun match and should mostly close this rivalry as both Edge and Miz need to move on. 3 ♥ for this mixed tag match.

Men’s Royal Rumble Match

So finally the most anticipated match of the night arrived and it was fu**ing awesome…! Only thing missing was no surprise entrants from the forbidden door. Below are few of the key moments of the match :

AJ and Nakamura as number 1 and 2 entrances respectively.

Johnny Knoxville demolished by AJ, Sami and Montez Ford.

OMOS and AJ confrontation and OMOS eliminated by bunch of wrestlers

AJ eliminated by Corbin and Moss.

Drew McIntyre returns…!

Kofi Kingston botched his jump and got eliminated.

Destroyer from Bad Bunny on Riddle was smooth.

Shane’o MAC was back…….!!!!!!

Brock Lesnar entered at number 30.

The final moments of the match saw Brock Lesnar entered at number 30 and conquered everyone. He eliminated Riddle and Randy like they are nothing and was in a complete beast mode. Drew McIntyre and Brock were the final two and Brock came out on the top. 5 ♥ for this rumble also. So finally, Brock will get his hands on the Tribal Chief. What about Seth then…?

Based on my above grading, overall I will give 4.5 ♥ for this PPV. Thank you for reading, if you liked the article please click on the clap button and show your support. You can clap more than once, just keep pressing the icon!!!