So the much awaited, super hyped, buzz creating, supernatural, horror movie of the year ‘IT’ was released on 8th Sep 2017. The teaser and the trailer of the movie received an amazing response as it gathered millions of views within no time. The movie is based on a 1986 novel of the same name by Stephen King. The creepy looks of the clown along with background score make the movie much more thrilling. The movie currently has an IMDB rating of 8/10 which is a very good rating considering the horror genre, as all the horror movies nowadays have the ratings upto 6–7. Based on 254 reviews, the rotten tomatoes score of the movie is 84%. I saw this movie yesterday and thought of giving a short review.


The movie is about a character which is referred to often in the movie as ‘IT’. ‘IT’ is a scary clown who lives in sewer and plays with a child’s fear. So the movie starts by Bill giving his brother Georgie a sailboat made of paper which he takes out for play. When his boat goes into the sewer and he tries to look for it, we see the first appearance of “Pennywise the Dancing Clown”. His voice, looks, dialogues sets a dark tone for the movie and what happens after that (it is better if you watch it) was an epic start for the movie. The bottom-line is that Georgie is missing now. After some months, his brother still believes that his brother is not dead and he could be in the marshy wasteland called Barrens. After this many children goes missing and even a curfew was set in the town after 7 pm. So it is a story of 7 children who are on a quest to find the answer for the abduction of these missing people.***** SPOILER ALERT!!!! (They realize that ‘IT’ appears every 27 years and starts this whole scenario with the children of Derry (their town). IT plays with their fears and tries to show them what frightens them the most and IT can only kill them if they fear.)***** But overall many things were not disclosed, so I was not satisfied. At the end caption read it as ‘Chapter One’, so most likely it will have a sequel where we can find the answers to all those questions. (8/10)


All the seven children did full justice to their roles as everyone had a different character. There group had a nerd which had all the information about this case, Bill was the brave one who always wanted to find his brother, there was only one girl in their group who was frustrated with her father and always supported Bill. One person was always worrying about consequences, one had the best ‘one liners’, so overall it was a great combination. But the cherry to the cake was ‘IT’, his dialogue delivery and body language was out of this world. You may find some of the instances of him as funny but trust me his acting is out of this world. Whenever he appears on the screen a dark, thrilling atmosphere is set. (10/10)

Soundtrack and Atmosphere:

We all know that horror movies USP is their soundtrack. The sudden appearance of an entity along with spine chilling sound is the perfect horror dose for anyone. But other than this, this movie has a very creepy soundtrack. You can feel it at the start of the movie as it was raining along with a low scary music. The movie has some 3–4 sequences of horror together where the ‘IT’ scares the children, the scenes are amazingly planned and could scare anyone. But the scenes would come one after the another without any relation, so one may find it as boring but trust me each and every scene has a meaning so watch it carefully. At the end you can REALLY understand the meaning of the dialogue- “You’ll float too”. (9/10)

Horror Factor (not 100%):

Actually it is not a pure horror movie as there are lot of comic scenes (Ya, you read that right!) in the movie. The language used by some children in the movie, their meeting with the girl, fighting with the rival gang, enjoying a bath in the river, all are some of the instances where you will laugh out loud. So it is a 60–40 combination of horror and comedy respectively. The sudden arrival of Pennywise, his glittering eyes, balloons floating, door closing are some of the things which are portrayed amazingly. (8/10)

So my overall score for this movie 8.75/10, I would recommend this movie to everyone as it is one of the finest horror movie ever made. I was not fully satisfied with the movie as lot of concepts were not clear, but since it may have a chapter 2, I can get my answers!!!

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