So , after a very very long gap of almost 9 months, I am back to what I love and that is writing about stuff that matters to me. Initially it was laziness and later work piled up and then I got caught in some kind of storm if I say, from where it was difficult to get out of. After A Dream Last Night got over, I came to my senses and realized this must be done as writing became an important part of my life couple of years back. As I am a movie junkie and love to…

So the last WWE PPV of 2020 just happened and here is my short and crisp review of the same :

WWE Champion Drew McIntyre vs. AJ Styles (Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match)

WWE continued its trend of adding tagline to their PPV and we get Survivor Series 2020-Best of Best. Since this year marked the 30th anniversary of Undertaker, hopes were already high from this year’s Survivor Series. Here is my short and crisp review of this PPV :

Dual Brand Battle Royal

So with only five matches advertised for this PPV..I was excited to see how this event would go off as I was pretty sure WWE would add few more matches to fill the stack. With just one match added in the card and one on pre-show this was a good move from WWE as all the matches had enough time and nothing felt rushed. Here is a short and sweet review of Hell in a Cell 2020:

Roman Reigns Vs Jey Uso “I Quit” Hell in a Cell match for the Universal Championship

WWE continued its trend of adding a tagline to its PPVs in 2020 and we get the gold rush at Clash of Champions 2020. Finally all the titles were defended in this PPV which did complete justice to the show and also the match card was decent enough to put together an entertaining night. Here is my short and crisp review of this exciting PPV..!

Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler Vs Riot Squad for Women’s Tag Team Championship

So, another WWE PPV is around the corner and this one could be interesting as this will be the night of champions. WWE is often criticized nowadays but the upcoming PPV is stacked with a decent card and interesting story lines which could be worth your time. So here I present to you few of the reasons to give it a watch as this could be a show we all wanted..!


We get two PPVs in 8 days as this is 2020 and anything can happen this year. PAYBACK had a decent card..not great as there were only three titles on the line but that was also justified as this PPV had a very little build up of a single week. Here is my short and sweet review and grading of PAYBACK 2020 :

Apollo Crews Vs Bobby Lashley for United States Championship

So , the biggest event of the summer is here and with a 5* NXT Takeover event, expectations were pretty high from SummerSlam. With 8 matches announced for the night and a decent match card, this could have come out in WWE’s favor. Here is my short and crisp review of the biggest party of the summer :

Bayley Vs Asuka for Smackdown Women’s Championship

So we are just 2 days away from the biggest event of the summer and WWE is trying everything in their arsenal to make it one of the best events in the recent times. With the debut of WWE Thunderdome on today’s SmackDown which was pretty good according to me, as we had pyros and entrances, my hopes are pretty high for SummerSlam. So, I thought of writing about few things which must happen at SummerSlam that can help WWE elevate those ratings and give their audiences something fresh to cheer about.

Sow seeds for Bayley Vs Sasha Feud

So , I am finally coming out of my lazy avatar and hoping to write again regularly with fresh content. It could be a current affairs or an entertainment or a technical blog, but I will write for sure. COVID-19 is here and we don’t know till what time it would be here, hope everyone is safe and sound in their home. Please take extra care and step out only if necessary.

So this article was in my mind from the time I was in quarantine as I told myself if everything went well, I would definitely write about these…

Ashish Sharma

VLSI Engineer with the urge for sharing knowledge.

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