5 things that can happen at WWE SummerSlam 2022 — #MyPredictions

Ashish Sharma
5 min readJul 30, 2022

So after a very very long gap, I am back to writing and this time I will try to keep it going. WWE will be hosting its one of the four major PPV tomorrow and it is expected to be a banger. With a decent match card on paper and TV-14 rating with Triple H as the creative head, we might feel that change in this upcoming PPV. Although many people have claimed change may take time, still I have high hopes from tomorrow’s PPV. So, here are my predictions and let’s hope for most of them to be true…!

The Architect will be in action

WWE pulled an injury angle on Riddle and hopefully postponed the Riddle Vs Rollins to Clash at the Castle. Majority of WWE fans were upset with this move as this was one of the most talked match and could have been the match of the year contender. With so many rematches on the card, this was one of the never seen before match which WWE pulled off at the very last moment. Seth has been competing at SummerSlam consecutively for the past 8 years and it would be a shame if this record is broken tomorrow. He has been busting his ass day in, day out every week and he deserves to be on WWE’s one of the major PPV. If they want to do a one-time only match with no storyline or anything, I would love to watch Seth Vs AJ Styles. Two of the very best of this generation failing to be on a PPV can happen only in WWE.

Ronda Rousey Heel Turn

For some WWE athletes, a heel turn could do wonders in their careers as we saw in the case of The Tribal Chief. I think WWE should do the same with Ronda and make her literally the Baddest Women on the Planet. Ronda is a great in-ring competitor but needs somebody to manage her so that she could work on her promo skills. Sonya-Rousey can be the perfect pair if WWE can pull that off as Sonya’s mic skills and Rousey’s in-ring dominance will be a treat to watch. We saw a bit of heel Ronda during this week’s SmackDown so there are high chances we see a heel turn at SummerSlam. The safest path will be to turn Ronda heel after the match when Liv would have defeated Rousey clean. But if it was up to me, I would have made Rousey turn heel during the match and defeat Liv for the title. Just imagine the kind of heat Ronda will get when she defeats everyone’s favorite and shatters Liv’s dreams. WWE…just book it..!

Street Profits Breakup

This one is a tricky one…many people agree to this idea of Street Profits breaking up as they have done it all in WWE. Street Profits have claimed all the gold in the tag team division in WWE, whether it be the RAW Tag Team ,SmackDown Tag Team or NXT Tag Team Championship, so it makes sense to break this team and let Montez Ford be the next big thing. On the other hand, since they have won it all, they should also get their hands on the Unified Tag Team Championship. For me, it is the right time to break this team and let them go their separate ways. Dawkins could take the pin and then Montez could lose it and beat the hell out of Dawkins or it can go the other way. Either way, WWE does not have high hopes from Dawkins and this could lead to the same situation of Otis and Tucker. Also, Paul Heyman once pitched hard for Montez so there is no chance this breakup would hurt him as much as much as it would affect Dawkins.

Edge Returns and helps The Mysterios

There is no doubt now that the mysterious vignettes shown during RAW are leading to the return of the ultimate opportunist…now the only question remains is WHEN..? SummerSlam could be the perfect place for him to return as The Mysterios will be in action against The Judgment Day in a no-disqualification match. Edge could interfere and take out Finn Balor while the son-dad pair could pick the victory over Damien Priest. With Cody Rhodes out with an injury, RAW is in desperate need of a big babyface and Edge could just provide that. With more and more of vignettes and a no-disqualification match on the plate, there is a high chance that this might actually happen tomorrow. This return could receive one of the loudest pop ever in the SummerSlam history.

New Undisputed WWE Universal Champion is crowned..!

Roman Reigns will be reaching 700 days as the champion tomorrow and it may be the end of his epic title reign. With Austin Theory claiming that he would eventually cash-in on the Last Man Standing, there are high chances we might see a new champion by the end of tomorrow night. As it will be a Last Man Standing match, we know USOS will be involved in one way or the another. So hear me out, this could go either way, we might see Brock destroying everyone and then comes out Theory and takes out Brock with a low blow and then chair shots which could protect the Tribal Chief from getting pinned. Back at elimination chamber, Brock threw Theory from top of the chamber and pinned him for the WWE title so this might be on the back of Theory’s mind and he would go after Brock Lesnar. Or it could be the USOS stopping Theory from cashing-in and Roman left alone where Brock could take out Roman on his own and become the Undisputed Champion. I personally feel, it is the right time for Roman to drop the title as he doesn’t need a title to stay relevant. Hoping for a stunning and satisfying climax to this Last Man Standing Match and ending this Roman-Brock saga…!

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