5 Reasons why WWE Clash of Champions could be worth your time..!

So, another WWE PPV is around the corner and this one could be interesting as this will be the night of champions. WWE is often criticized nowadays but the upcoming PPV is stacked with a decent card and interesting story lines which could be worth your time. So here I present to you few of the reasons to give it a watch as this could be a show we all wanted..!


WWE has a LOT…literally lot of championships right now and it is often difficult to remember the champion as not all titles are defended regularly. Also it is never a good idea to have all the matches for championships on a PPV as few rivalries are worth more than these ultimate prizes. So WWE made the right move by defending all the championships on this PPV thus doing complete justice to the “Clash of Champions”. Also the match card is pretty decent with few new contenders like Zelina Vega, Riot Squad, Jey USO competing for the title while few like Randy Orton and Apollo Crews are still looking for redemption. Overall this event could be a entertaining night for the WWE Universe with few title changes, if not many at least a single or two title changes should happen at any cost.


Sasha Banks’s neck was brutally injured by Bayley after the duo failed to recapture the Women’s tag titles from Nia and Baszler on an episode of SmackDown. Bayley attacked Sasha again in the PC while she was in an interview addressing her situation which was stopped by other crew members before any serious damage was done by Bayley. Also, WWE didn’t use Sasha this week as fans might think she is gone for now but could ultimately return at Clash of Champions attacking Bayley. Nikki Cross would put a great fight coming Sunday but she won’t be the one to break Bayley’s 300+ days championship reign. These two women don’t need a title for their rivalry as they already have a lot of history dating back to their NXT days, but Bayley going against Sasha inside Hell in a Cell for the SmackDown Women’s Championship would surely blow the roof off the ThunderDome.


There is no doubt regarding the fact that Roman Reigns turning heel was the best thing WWE has done in a while and then adding Heyman in the mix was like adding cherry on the cake. These two are doing a tremendous job as they are working differently from what Lesnar and Heyman usually work. Here Heyman is not the mouthpiece while Roman just stands and smiles, Roman speaks when he wants to speak which is just brilliant. Not many people were fan of Jey Uso being Roman’s opponent at Clash of Champions, but I thought that was creativity at its best. Fiend never got pinned, Strowman moved to Raw, hence it was the perfect moment to drive away from Roman Vs Fiend and do something different. Eventually Roman Vs Fiend will happen, but I guess WWE is saving that for a bigger stage. Jey USO is a world class athlete and there is no doubt that he can match his cousin’s momentum and charisma in their encounter on Sunday. WWE is terming this rivalry as BLOODLINE which would be fun to watch, the only thing which can ruin this is a squash match which is a rare but possible outcome.


We may see the beginning of the 14th title reign of the legend killer coming Sunday as this could be the time WWE changes gear. Drew has been a fighting champion since Wrestlemania and all his title defenses were great if not phenomenal but now is the time to put the title on Orton. It would be fresh to see Randy holding the gold after a long time and also the new rivalries it could start. Their rivalry had been brilliant upto this point with both of them knocking out their opponent on several occasions and an Ambulance match would be the perfect way to end this high heated rivalry. WWE could extend this rivalry to Hell in a Cell by adding Keith Lee and him taking the loss thus protecting the Scottish Psychopath but that could also ruin Keith’s momentum. Whatever way WWE goes, putting the title on Randy Orton would be best for business for now.


I am a huge fan of ladder matches and even a bigger fan of AJ Styles and this match has both of them..! We obviously know that Drew Vs Randy would main event the PPV but if it was upto me I would definitely put this match as the second main event of the night instead of Roman Vs Jey USO. This match could also open the show as well as WWE has the habit of starting with a bang and this match could very well be the biggest bang ever heard. Jeff, Sami and Styles all are world class performers who can make this the match of the year. Whoever comes out as the Unified Intercontinental Champions, this surely would be a classic that you would not want to miss. It will have high flying moves, innovative offenses, brutal beatings and lots and lots of ladders which is a treat for any wrestling fan. Even if you are not watching the whole PPV, watch this epic encounter which will surely make your day..!


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