4 things that must happen at WWE Elimination Chamber 2023 — #MyOpinion

Ashish Sharma
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WWE’s upcoming PLE is the final stop before the Wrestlemania and its results will have huge implications going forward. With only 5 matches advertised including two chamber matches and no traditional tag team match, WWE is set to host Elimination Chamber in Montreal tonight. Here are few things which must happen at Elimination Chamber so that road to Wrestlemania will be more interesting and will set some new rivalries…!

Logan Paul costing Seth Rollins US Championship

I know this is a bit far fetched but just imagine Logan Paul doing what HBK did to Undertaker inside the chamber leading to Undertaker vs HBK II. The same way this could lead to Logan Vs Seth for the grandest stage as Seth has already fired shots saying Logan doesn’t deserve all this praise and he is here just to become famous. The US title chamber match will be spectacular anyway but just imagine with Seth and Theory as the final two contestants and when Seth is about to Curb Stomp Theory…out of nowhere Logan Paul enters the scene…! One way or other this distraction should cost Seth again and he should challenge Logan for a match at Wrestlemania as you just can’t screw the 2-time grand slam champion twice in less than 20 days.

Conclusion of Edge-Judgement Day Feud

Judgement Day is a great stable where they can go for any title whether it be a single/tag/men’s/women’s but still they are feuding with their banished former leader who was humiliated at Extreme Rules by them last time. I was very much invested into this storyline even though they pulled the trigger on Edge way too early, still this was an crowd puller rivalry. But I think this is high time WWE should move things forward as this rivalry will now benefit nobody and Rhea can focus on Charlotte going forward and maybe Finn should go hunting for US title. Since Edge is back for the revenge, Edge and Beth will mostly come on top at Elimination Chamber. Maybe, a cameo from Rey should set Rey-Dominic rivalry in place.

Lashley goes 2–1 against Lesnar

Lashley Vs Lesnar III is a very high stakes match as both superstars have a win each over the other. Honestly, I thought this rivalry would culminate at Wrestlemania but WWE surely has other plans. There were enough reasons to look out for this rivalry but recently Bray Wyatt warned the winner of this match and this became the second most important match of the night for me. Lashley defeating Lesnar would mean we will have a possibility of Hurt Business Vs Wyatt Family which is never done before and with more than a month to build this rivalry, we can get to know more about Wyatt’s family members. Lesnar vs Bray could also lead to interesting storyline but I would rather prefer Lashley to face Bray Wyatt.

Jey betrays Sami

First of all, hats off to WWE for this Bloodline storyline as this is one of the most memorable feud of all time. It had everything from Roman’s return as a heel to forming his bloodline alliance and destroying everyone in his path. Addition of Sami into the bloodline storyline was a genius move which produced amazing results. One of the major characters in this whole story from start till this very moment is Jey. He was the first member to join Bloodline and now the first crack formed in the Bloodline has affected him the most which could go anywhere. Tonight it is Sami Zayn with full Montreal behind his back against Roman Reigns and his Bloodline and even though the thought of Sami defeating Roman give me goosebumps, it is highly unlikely that would happen. Jey will play a crucial part tonight in Sami’s loss and will ultimately set KO and Sami Vs USOS for the Undisputed Tag Team Championship. Another Montreal Screwjob on its way…so brace yourselves…!

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