4 things that are already looking better under Triple H in WWE

Ashish Sharma
5 min readAug 8, 2022


No one is denying the fact that Vince McMahon has done wonders in WWE and it was a golden period in terms of wrestling era. But change is inevitable and some changes are actually good which is true in this case of WWE. Everybody knows what Triple H is capable of doing and his work in NXT was highly appreciated where he produced gem of superstars and hell of fights. Fans were rejoiced when they came to know that Triple H was taking over as the Head of Creative as fans believed a lot of talent was under utilized and Triple H can do wonders with these superstars. One week is over and there were some major changes observed in both RAW and SmackDown and it felt like a start of a new era. So here are the things which I felt were different in last week’s shows :

More focus on Women’s Division

We saw a glimpse of this on SummerSlam itself where we saw the return of Bayley, Dakota Kai and Io Shira (or Io Sky I should say now), this same trios idea was earlier pitched and rejected by Vince but it was brilliantly executed by HHH and fans went nuts. If that was not enough, we saw a face turn from Becky and a heel turn from Ronda…all in one night…! So enough about SummerSlam and let’s get right into RAW. The show had a brilliant opening segment featuring Becky, Bianca and Bayley’s stable and a more than 15 minute women’s match featuring Io Sky and Bianca which eventually ended in a brawl but it was great to watch RAW women roster getting back on track. Similarly on SmackDown we had a women’s gauntlet match including Sonya, Raquel, Shotzi, Xia Li, Natalya and Baszler to determine Liv’s next opponent which was a 20–22 minute battle. Baszler finally getting the title shot was the right move as it was long overdue. It will be interesting to see now how Liv will survive Clash at the Castle as Ronda and Baszler go way back and it would be awesome for Ronda to now cost Liv the championship and align with Baszler…! The cherry on the top was that WWE announced the women’s tag team championship tournament starting tomorrow so there is a high probability of Sasha and Naomi returning.

Bringing prestige back to Mid-card Titles

It has been forever since we saw a NO.1 contender’s match for either United States or Intercontinental championship, but this is what was done by Triple H on the very first RAW. We saw two amazing triple threat matches (AJ Vs Mustafa Ali Vs Miz and Ciampa Vs Dolph Vs Chad Gable) where winners of those matches collided for the opportunity to face Bobby Lashley for the US title tomorrow. This lead us to an another great match between AJ Styles and Ciampa (winners of their respective triple threats) where Ciampa upsets Styles with an assist from Miz. Ciampa seems like a legit threat to Lashley’s championship reign and it will be awesome to see what WWE has in store for tomorrow’s RAW. On SmackDown we finally saw Nakamura becoming the NO.1 contender for Gunther’s Intercontinental championship by defeating Ludwig Keiser. Nakamura Vs Gunther will sure be a banger in this week’s SmackDown. So there is a possibility we might see two new champions in this week…would be a crazy week if this happens…!

Pro-Wrestling given more TV time

Setting up a single 3-hour show weekly is not everyone’s cup of tea and Vince did it amazingly for so long but quite sometime RAW felt like dragging through the last hour. Due to this there were many advertisements, video packages and unnecessary segments were added as fillers but that was just too much for people to stick through the last hour. Last RAW was different as there were no advertisements in the first half and also each match, each segment felt like it had some stakes and fans just loved it. An opening women’s segment, two triple threats, a banger NO.1 contender’s match and a main event for the undisputed tag team championship…this RAW had everything and it never felt like it was too much. After a very long time, we saw a match opening SmackDown instead of a promo by Bloodline and it was great. Ricochet and Corbin are great in-ring talents and gave a perfect start to the show. The gauntlet match was fresh and provided a new NO.1 contender for Liv’ SmackDown Championship…and not forgetting the epic main event storytelling at its finest. Will discuss more of this later but overall it felt more of a wrestling show than it has ever.

Right talent getting pushed

It is hard to recall a time when so many new people were given time on TV other than regular fan favorites and it was honestly refreshing to watch as a WWE fan. Dolph and Mustafa Ali were lost in the mix but given a great opportunity to shine in their respective triple threat matches. Montez Ford put up a great fight with Seth Rollins which clearly showed he is the next big thing. Ricochet moving like a video game character in the opener of SmackDown was picture perfect as always. Raquel was dominant in the gauntlet match but fell short of winning the NO.1 contender match while Baszler winning something relevant in the main roster was a treat for fans. So many new and improved storylines were put in place which put me back to watching RAW/SmackDown every week live and I am thankful to Triple H for that. The last but not the least was the return of Karrion Kross with Scarlett who went right after Drew McIntyre and clearly showed his intentions of going after Roman Reigns. He is the same guy who wore a helmet in his entrance and was a joke few months back and now he is the next in line for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. Not to forget, he is the former WWE NXT champion. It will now be interesting to watch how this story unfolds as there are lot of fan theories going on…let’s just wait for Triple H to amaze us once again…!

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